Quotes I listened to all the mastered tracks. In conclusion, I'm so satisfied with your mastering! The dynamic range of the sound is kept proper and the low frequencies are treated moderately, but despite of that I can hear the punchy drum beats. very nice. I wanted to avoid extremely compressed masters that maybe make sounds loud to be suitable for the radio play, but often spoil the detail of each sound. so I appreciate your understanding of my vision. Quotes
Electronic producer - Japan (Subrosa, Shhhh Rec.)

Quotes Klasse bearbeitet die Tracks, vielen Dank; am Mastering-Guru kommt keiner mehr vorbei... :) Quotes
Producer & Electro-Afficionado, Cologne

Quotes Though a lot of professional institutions love to be fast and worshipped throughout the mastering process, it is a misleading believe that mastering studios finishing their demands quite fast and without questions, stand for professional business behaviour. Professional work in mastering process means questioning mixes proactively, defending the non-secret-ideology and work out problematic parts that could result in a 'not-so-perfect finished product'. Fat of Excellence does not follow any moral standards that destroyed good sounding masters over the past 10 years - even in the commercial world of electronic music. Bob will always be honest, sometimes uncomfortable and utterly real, but in the end it serves what good studios once were bleeding for: Amazing results. Quotes
Electronic musician & Label Manager @ Shhhh Records - Düsseldorf

Quotes The masters sound very nice! Thank you. Exactly what I wanted! Quotes
producer & label manager at metamorphic recordings

Quotes Hola Robert,, cant't explain to you the pleasure that I am feeling!!! i feel flies in my stomach! ¡¡¡ Thank you very much, very nice work, I am very happy, very transparent but warm at the same, time!!!! sounds very nice thank you again Quotes
MIGUEL [Savanamusic]
Electronic Producer - Columbia (South America)

Quotes I have listened. And I have to say, sounds REALLY well, Bob. Quotes
House / Deep-House - Chicago, USA

Quotes "Bob: Im Namen von uns allen ein fettes DANKE für den geilen Job!! Echt richtig gut!!!" [Sven] "Bob, hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht gestern Abend bei Dir! Superguter Job im Ergebnis und Danke, Danke, dass ich Dich nebenher noch mit so vielen Fragen ablenken durfte! ;)" [Robert] Quotes
Aundb Einmann
[Hip Hop / Rap-crew from Cologne / Düsseldorf

Quotes Hey Robert, super Mastering von Dir aufm Kitbuilders Remix Album! Hatte gehofft dass da Jemand meinen Bassbereich strafft, ausnahmesweise ohne ihn abzuschneiden, und ordentlich Höhen reindreht, ohne Aua. Genau das ist geschehen :) Thumbs up! Quotes
Electronic Music Producer & Label Manager @ Karloff Rekordings

Quotes I don't care that it's currently 00:14h because I'm drunk and loving every second of these masters mate. ... I don't love the men but I love BOB!!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
Producer & Label manager at Sub Synergy Records, UK

Quotes Hi Robert, der Mix ist großartig, vielen Dank :) Quotes
Electronic Producer & Label Manager / London - Düsseldorf

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  • "Hola Robert,, cant't explain to you the pleasure that I am feeling!!! i feel flies in my stomach! ¡¡¡ Thank you very much, very nice work, I am very happy, very transpare..."
    MIGUEL [Savanamusic]
    Electronic Producer - Columbia (South America)

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