Our mastering-services include high-end equalisation, dynamic shaping, limiting, stereo-widening, restoration, elimination of "out of phase"-problems and all necessary [pre]adjustments for Vinyl-cutting and CD-premastering for any kind of music. 

We are highly specialised in all modern musical styles and deliver industry-transparency and always keep an extra ear on the club-impact of your musical children. If you provide us with STEMS (see below) we can also deliver you "american fat" or "british-EQ"-ed masters.

About "STEM-mastering": In some cases or if desired, we also offer STEM-mastering for a slightly higher rate. this term describes a technique to make mastering mix-downs with 4-6 stereo-tracks (i.e. DRUMS, BASS, VOCALS, PERC, SYNTH etc.).

With this method we can give narrow, "digital" sounding tracks a very wide and open "analogue" sound and also eliminate problematic frequencies in their specific instrument-range, without affecting the other program material. This technique is especially useful with very sharp vocal-recordings in a mix but will also sonically enforce those productions which haven't been mixed-down by experienced producers. If you have ever wondered how some of your musical heroes achieve that magical "Mix-Glue", the bus [=STEM] is where it happens...



  “...Though a lot of professional institutions love to be worshipped throughout the mastering process, it is a misleading believe that mastering studios finishing their demands quite fast and without questions, stand for professional business behaviour. Professional work in mastering process means questioning mixes proactively, defending the non-secret-ideology and work out problematic parts that could result in a 'not-so-perfect finished product'.

Fat of Excellence does not follow any moral standards that destroyed good sounding masters over the past 10 years - even in the commercial world of electronic music. Bob will always be honest, sometimes uncomfortable and utterly real, but in the end it serves what good studios once were bleeding for: Amazing results."

[TURGUT KOCER - Electronic Musician & Label Manager @ Shhhh Records - Düsseldorf 




Simple. Bounce [Mix-]down your tracks to 24 Bit / 44.1 / 48KHz KHz before sending them to us. Check thoroughly that there are no compressors or multi-band-"worseners" in the stereo-sum and please stay under 0 dB digital full scale at any case.

[Of course we also accept 32-Bit Floating-Point formats or 24 Bit / 96 KHz / 192 KHz audio-data] 

Alternatively you go through the info in our little MASTERING-manual: DOWNLOAD HERE [right-click for download]

If you are an experienced producer and you'd like to have your own bus-compression / "mix-glue"-flavour on the sum [probably using your own favourite outboard], then please go ahead! In this case please consider leaving some dynamic headroom for EQ-ing and limiting for the mastering-engineer: An average level of -15 to -12 dB RMS is very suitable for mastering, -8dB  RMS isn't.

You may want to provide us with an additional "personally mastered" track so we get a feel where you are heading at. Don’t worry if the levels are low after you switched off all your plug-In-voodoo. Keeping the data at 24 Bit leaves more then enough digital headroom for us to work with the music and make it loud and proud...

Send us your tracks online or on a data-CD (NO AUDIO CDs!) with uncompressed / unprocessed WAVs or AIFFs. Of course we will also accept Tape, DAT and probably even more exotic formats. Just ask us! :)

About Vinyl: If your are planning to send your mastered tracks to a vinyl plant or cutter, please tell us. Vinyl is a very demanding format and we have to put special attention to low-end phase-alignements and excessive highs up of 8 KHz. We are very experienced with this topic and can help you with a detailled mix-analyze of your production to see if you are on the way to get a fat cut. 

IMPORTANT: Please check our AUDIO-FAQ for details about delivery formats and audio-specifications!


  The NEVE33609, as outboard or DSP-variant, is an excellent choice for "glueing the drum-buss". 



“...some people have all the gear, a few others have but THE ear...” [bob humid] 







- from 24 Bit Stereofiles49,- EUR per track [for digital distribution & CD]

- from 24 Bit Stereofiles59,- EUR [Dedicated Mastering for Vinyl Manufacturing, includes Digital formats]

- from 24 Bit Stems69,- EUR per track [3-6 stereo Busses / includes Digital & Vinyl formats]


ATTENDED MASTERING-SESSION (In our studio  in Cologne): 

- from 24 Bit Stereofiles69,- EUR per track [for digital distribution & CD]

- from 24 Bit Stereofiles79,- EUR [Dedicated Mastering for Vinyl Manufacturing, includes Digital formats]

- from 24 Bit Stems89,- EUR per track [3-6 stereo Busses / includes Digital & Vinyl formats]


A short analyse and constructive critic of your mixdown is always included. Communication between the artist / producer and the Mastering Enginer is key in the process of getting perfect results. 



- CD-album / PQ-Editing: 35,- EUR. Includes manufacturing of 2 x RED BOOK audio-CDs and integrity-test-protocol, DDP Export [Disc Description Protocol], PQ-Editing [incl. fades, intermissions etc.], ISRC encoding & CD-Text editing).

- Vinyl-Preparation: 20,- EUR (Editing per album-side and file-handling with intermissions etc. for sides A,B,C,D...)

Additionally we offer an optional high-class MP3-encoding (Open Source and licensefree for duplication) that will give you very "near CD-quality" results - beating those of classical desktop or freeware solutions  by far.

- optional high-end MP3-rendering: 8,- EUR per track

- international bank-transfers & PAYPAL are  good ways to pay us 


"All our masters are carefully tweaked and pushed to a certain loudness-level that will still allow your music to sound punchy, transparent and exciting while being as loud as physically possible."


“...some people have all the gear
 a few others have but THE ear...” [bob humid
shaping, limiting, stereo-widening,
our mastering services include high-end equalizing, dynamic 
shaping, limiting, stereo-widening, restoration, elimination of 
“out of phase”-problems and all necessary adjustments for
vinyl-cutting and CD-premastering for any kind of music
our mastering services include high-end equalizing, dynamic 
shaping, limiting, stereo-widening, restoration, elimination of 
“out of phase”-problems and all necessary adjustments for
vinyl-cutting and CD-premastering for any kind of music. we
are highly specialised in all modern styles and deliver 
industry-transparency, underground club-impact, “american 
fat” or “british-EQed” sound. 

Special offers, Pro-Audio Workshops and more...

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  • "Hola Robert,, cant't explain to you the pleasure that I am feeling!!! i feel flies in my stomach! กกก Thank you very much, very nice work, I am very happy, very transpare..."
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