Welcome to FAT OF EXCELLENCE Production Services, Cologne!

We are highly specialized in all kinds of music & media production. Our field of expertise includes mixing (instruments, vocals and drum-overheads), High-End Mastering & Stem-Mastering, remixing, sound-design (post production & movies), audio-logo design, writing & composition, media packaging / design (CD, DVD, Vinyl), tech writing, pro audio workshops & tutoring and of course instrument recording.

Contact: bob [ a t ] bobhumid.de 

+49(0)163 514 85 35  


H A B L A M O S   E S P A Ñ O L   -   W E   S P E A K   E N G L I S H   -   W I R   S P R E C H E N   D E U T S C H


"All our masters are carefully tweaked and pushed to a certain loudness-level that will still allow your music to sound punchy, transparent and exciting while being as loud as physically possible." 


Mastering - 50823 Köln - Germany