Mixdown, Production, Remix

We are highly experienced in the field of mixdown, production & remixing. Our expertise and 25+ years experience includes the work on pop music, instrumental, classical music and club music of all modern and established styles. We have a long-year experience in the professional DJ-field and know exactly what kind of mixes and masterings translate perfectly on a club-PA. Additionally we have entered the post-production-scene with sound-design and sound-stage mixing for several shorts and feature films.

Inquiries regarding remixing-services are always welcome! 


Since every project has different demands in terms of expense and complexity we can not provide you with exact pricing here. Please contact us per email with brief details about your musical project in order to provide you with a dedicated cost plan.

*The term "production" involves artistical decisions by the production / mixing engineer. Those range from additional drum-programmings, arrangement-techniques or new harmonic & melodic add-ons like pads, themes or sound-textures to fully original compositions.

For further information please contact us at: b o b [ a t ] b o b h u m i d . d e - We normally get back to inquiries within 24 hours.